What Coastside Pools Do

What Coastside Pools Do

A professionally designed and built pool or spa can transform any home into a sanctuary for relaxation or entertaining family and friends. Not only will your pool enhance the value of your property but will ultimately enrich your family’s quality of living.

This type of designed pool is with all the intricate detail that you would come to expect at this level.

With options like pool automation you can manage all your pool functions at your finger tips with your iPhone or laptop from items like heating to turning on your pool lights or anything for that matter, so when your walk through that door your pool or spa is ready just the way you like it.

Designs can include a wet edge detail, glass windows and pool blankets that automatically glide across your pool all at the touch of a button.

If you have no time to clean, no problem we can install an in floor cleaning system and let it do the work for you.

We are very confident in this type of work and look forward to discussing the endless possibilities to create your ultimate pool.

Is your pool looking a little tired and needs to be brought up to todays standard’s?

Sometimes a water line tile replacement and new lining could be the answer and you can be back swimming in no time at all.

You may require downsizing your existing pool as the family has flown the coup, no problem we can help with this.

You may even consider adding a heated spa to provide more usage all year round.

We have a solution for every situation.

Water features are becoming more popular these days with the limited size blocks of land.

By adding a water feature to your property can make all the difference in your lives, it is more than just aesthetics, the sounds of water soothe the body and soul and is known to reduce stress levels when you come home from that hectic day. Imagine sitting down with your favourite beverage next to a water feature listening to the water dance on the surface it can certainly help you unwind and allow you to finish your evening on a more tranquil and peaceful note.

Display pads are a water features with a difference, with water shooting in different directions and heights all on a different sequence and timers it is like watching water ballet and will keep the kids busy for hours, more commonly seen in parks and complexes.